With great sadness I will announce my departure from Dragon Rising Medicine March, 9th. The clinic has become my home and Sharon, Erin and Bob truly have become family (whether they like it or not!). 


You, the patients have given me a whole new respect for healthcare and the meaning of patient/ practitioner relationships. I have been treating many of you for the last 5 years+, I have been there for the UP’s and the DOWN’s. The births and the deaths. The car accidents and the falls. The unsettling diagnosis from your doctors. The clear PET scans year after year. The bodybuilding competitions, the bike races and the marathons. The anxiety, the stress, and the insomia. The writing of books and research papers. The overworked and the underworked. The weddings and the breakups. And the diets, oh the diets! I learn something new every single day from each and everyone of you, and for that I am thankful. Coming to work has become one of most fulfilling aspects of my entire life. 


After the passing of my Father, my family and I have decided to join my brothers and their families in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan. I will be opening a practice there while working on my doctorate. It would be a great honor to hear from all of you about some of the acupuncture experiences that you had while working together for me to share with new patients. It would also be nice to see what you all are up to from time to time, so if you would like I am going to add my email and social media information at the end of this email. 




It will not be an easy transition to leave you all but I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Bob to continue to provide the best care for you all.


Again, my last day will be Tuesday March 9th. I will continue to provide care as normal up until that date. Unfortunately I will no longer be accepting new patients. Thank you all for being such amazing support through my journey. 




Sam & The Dragon Rising Crew


Email: Samjobuchanan@gmail.com
Instagram: @samjobuchanan








Dragon Rising is excited to announce our CBD-enhanced Chinese medicine product line. These products have been expertly crafted by our master herbalists from the finest available medicinal and natural nutraceutical ingredients.


Dragon Drops (Full Spectrum CBD)

Our CBD tincture is produced in small batches and is made from two simple ingredients: organic MCT oil and premium quality broad spectrum CBD oil. Our tincture contains 1000 mg of CBD per bottle and has a full spectrum of minor cannabinoids and terpenes to ensure a high level of efficacy. We are happy to be able to offer this THC-free tincture to patients for the treatment of pain, stress and anxiety.

Dragon Cream (CBD Rich Pain Cream).

Dragon Cream is a CBD rich pain cream that combines a hefty dose of full spectrum CBD oil with camphor, menthol, arnica, and a blend of other therapeutic essential oils in an all natural base cream. Dragon Cream has been meticulously formulated to be the most potent and effective topical pain cream available.

Dragon Broth (with CBD)

Formulated By our Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Nutritionist to provide the highest quality medicinal food Available. Packed full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, Chinese herbs and complimented with our very own Dragon (CBD full-spectrum) increasing its anti-inflammatory benefits. Bone broth benefits include immune support, gut health, energy, weight loss, improves hair-skin-nails, increases muscle, builds bone, can also help with insomnia and anxiety. 





Welcome to Dragon Rising Chinese Medicine!

My teacher taught me that the patient will present in the clinic with a symptom that is like the tip of the tree branch.  A good physician will follow the branch to the trunk and down to the root, and thus treat the underlying cause (root), as well as the manifesting symptom (branch), thereby manifesting true health and balance for the patient.  Chinese Medicine for thousands of years has proven to be a safe, effective alternative to health and healing.

I invite you to experience the compassionate wisdom of oriental medicine.



Herbal Medicine

Tuina (Medical Massage)

Qigong (Similar to Tai Chi)


All aspects of Classical Chinese Medicine are practiced at our clinic to provide the best possible treatment outcome for our patients.

A personal treatment plan is established for every individual based on their diagnosis and applicable treatment principles.





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